Futari wa Mermaid Melody (二人 わ マメイド メロディー!:スタート アイドル! lit,We are Mermaid Melody!:Star Idols!) is a fan installment of Mermaid Melody by Founder:CureJade2910 and Admin:CureKanade. It is about a duo of Mermaids that were created by the two users.


Futari wa Mermaid Melody!: Star Idols! Episodes



Midorikawa Hisui (緑川 翡翠 Midorikawa Hisui)/Natural Jade Pearl Voice (ナチュラル ジェイド パル ボイス Nachararu Jeido Pāru Boisu) - Hisui is one of the Mermaid Princesses. She is a baking fan and rather stays on land rather than the ocean. She is also half British. Her first song is ...... while the upgrade song is Koi Kuru.

Akane Emilia (赤目 笑み Akane Emiria)/Royal Blue Pearl Voice (ロイヤル バル パル ボイス Roiyaru Bāru Pāru Boisu) Emilia is one of the Mermaid Princesses and she is half Japanese, half Irish. She is cheerful and friendly and is always trying her best to get along with the humans. Like Hisui, she prefers being on land than the ocean. Her first song is called Taisetsuna Hi while her upgrade song is Mawaru Sekai.


Jaden(ジェイデン Jeiden)

Aqua(アクア Akua)




  • This is the first series to have only two mermaid princesses/idols.
  • This series is a joint series created by User:CureJade2910 and User:CureKanade.
  • This series is also known as "Futari wa Mermaid Melody!".